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Bookmark and Share My Golf Tips - Windy Weather

The winter weather can really challenge our ability to shoot low scores. The stronger winds can make controlling the ball harder than at other times of the year.

The biggest mistake I see from club golfers is that they try to battle against the wind by hitting the ball harder than they normally would. Although I fully understand this instinct, it has the reverse effect and rather than keeping control of the ball in windy conditions, they end up loosing control.

To understand why this is we must first understand what effect we have on the golf ball when we hit it harder.

The diagram above will help you understand the effect the increased club speed can have on the ball. As the speed of the club increases so does the backspin imparted onto the ball. Backspin is one of the key factors that controls the height of the ball and put simply, the greater the back spin the higher the ball will fly.

So by hitting the ball harder in windy conditions you will end up hitting it higher! This is the opposite of what good players try to achieve in strong winds. They are trying to keep the ball flight lower thereby not allowing the wind to effect the ball as much. I have a simple rhyme that I use to help my students remember this fact and it is:
Remember this the next time you are playing in windy conditions, try taking one club more than you think you need and swinging slower. The combination of the less lofted club and the slower swing speed will keep the ball down and give you back some control in the difficult conditions.
Good Golfing!

Peter Parks PGA