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Bookmark and Share My Golf Tips - Sunny Weather

It’s what we all wish for when we arrange our games of golf and it certainly makes the game more enjoyable than playing in wind and rain, but extreme heat is not without its problems.
In the article below I have noted down some keys tips that will help you when playing in the heat.
Apply sun protection
Golf requires you to be outside for up to 5 or 6 hours (including practice time) and on sunny days it is vital that you protect yourself against the sun.
Apply sun cream in the clubhouse before you head to the practice ground to warm up and wash your hands after you have applied it so you don’t have greasy hands that cause your grips to slip in your hands.
Wear a cap or hat
The additional protection that you get from wearing a hat on the course could make a difference to how you feel in the latter stages of the round. This is even more important for those of you that are a bit thin on top!
Buy some decent sunglasses
The technology that goes into the top of the range sunglasses has advanced enormously over the last decade.
There are now lenses designed specifically with golf in mind that will protect the eyes from the sun and help the golfer to see the undulations on the ground more clearly which can really help reading the greens.

Carry some spare gloves
In the same way spare gloves are required if you are playing in heavy rain, the heat can also make it necessary.
In hot temperatures, the golfer will perspire more and gloves can become slippery. Spare gloves ensure that the club remains secure in your hand throughout the round.
Towel for your hands
Most golfers keep a towel in their bag to keep the clubs clean but in hot weather it is a good idea to have a second towel so you can dry your palms before each shot.
Avoid using the same towel as the one for your clubs as mud and sand can easily end up on your grips.
Avoid carrying your bag
If a caddie is not feasible then go for the next best thing - an electric trolley. However fit and strong you may be you are still burning up precious energy by carrying your clubs around the course.
Games of golf are won and lost by small margins and you can avoid fatigue by letting the trolley take the strain.

Pace yourself
Give yourself a little more time between shots and avoid racing around the course as it is important to preserve your energy on hot days.
Drink plenty of water
Keeping hydrated in hot weather is vital, as dehydration will lead to lapses in concentration and possible muscle cramps.
Avoid alcohol during play as this will only increase the rate of dehydration as well as impair judgement.

Good Golfing!

Peter Parks PGA