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Bookmark and Share My Golf Tips - Putting Direction

I am starting this article with a question for you; do you think of a golf hole as a big hole or a small hole?
Whilst you give the question some thought, I wonder if you have ever experienced the feeling as you stand over your putt during a game of golf that the hole looks as big as a bucket and holing the putt seems easier?
Maybe you have also had the opposite feeling, of the hole seeming smaller than usual. When this is the case you will be able to remember how difficult it was to get the ball to find the bottom of the cup!
Why does this happen? After all, the hole is always the same size. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the green staff provides us with the same size hole (4 ¼ inches) to aim at - it never changes.
What does change however is our perception of that target, and these changes in perception will greatly influence our ability to 'hole the putt'.
If you answered my question by saying that a golf hole seems small to you, then it is vital that you change this perception so that your putting can improve.
We can influence whether we see a big or a small hole by the way we practice and I want to share with you an idea that I believe could greatly improve the results you are getting on the putting green.
Hole more putts - only 5p!
No, this is not my new lesson price before you ask, but I can improve how you putt and all you will need is a five pence piece.
The idea is a simple but very effective one. Place the coin 3 to 4 feet away from you and try to putt balls directly over the coin. This drill can be done either on the putting green, or on the carpet at home.

If you can find just 10 minutes a day for this drill you will notice a huge difference in the way you feel standing over a putt.
This is because by practising aiming at the coin you will:
a) improve your skill of aiming the putter.
b) condition your mind to focus on the smaller target.


When you revert back to aiming at a golf hole it will appear a lot bigger than normal.
This is also an ideal drill to do just before you go out to play. Why not try to imagine the coin directly in front of the hole when you are putting - you will find that putts that would maybe miss the coin still go in the hole.


Try this for two weeks and you will see a significant improvement in your putting.
Good Golfing!

Peter Parks PGA