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Bookmark and Share My Golf Tips - Leg Stance

This lesson is aimed at all those golfers who emulate Elvis Presley at the top of their backswing.

I’m not talking about the slicked back haircut or the dodgy clothes (although most golfers are guilty of wearing dodgy clothes from time to time!). I am referring to the ‘spaghetti legs’ that do little to support the golf swing.


In Picture 1 below you can see what I mean; the player has reached the top of their backswing and their legs have a buckled appearance. This over-active leg movement will lead to two problems,
• Poor balance
• Reduced Power
During the backswing and the start of the down swing the player’s feet should stay in contact with the floor as much as is physically possible. These good foundations provide the support required for the player to swing towards the ball.
Improving your balance will also increase your consistency of ball striking, reducing the chances of topping the ball or hitting the ground behind the ball.

Picture 1 (Incorrect) 

Picture 2 (Correct)

A great deal of the power within the golf swing comes from ‘Body Coil.’
Body Coil power is generated when the upper body (shoulders and arms) turn fully whilst the lower body (hips, legs and feet) remain close to their original starting position.
Picture 2 above shows this being done correctly, as you can see the lower body has remained stable whilst the shoulders and arms have turned. This makes better use of the body’s larger muscles and will lead to longer golf shots.
Next time you are practising your golf swing check that your legs are supporting and not hindering your swing.
Good Golfing!

Peter Parks PGA