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Bookmark and Share My Golf Tips - Driver Address

All golfers dream of hitting long and straight drives like the ones they see on TV from the world’s best players. Club manufacturers are constantly striving to design drivers that will help the club golfer realise this dream.

The truth is that good driving is more to do with how the club is used rather than which type of driver is used. A key ingredient to successful driving is to ‘sweep’ the ball off the tee, creating a shallow angle of approach into the ball:

Many golfers struggle to control their driver because their club approaches the ball from too steep an angle; this often results in a skied or sliced shot:

Try this practice drill of teeing the ball up in the middle of a scorecard, then hover the club behind the ball, not letting the club touch the scorecard.

As you swing the club try to hit the ball without the clubhead making contact with the scorecard:

This drill will help your clubhead approach the ball from a better angle and with practice you will see improvement in your driving.
Good Golfing!

Peter Parks PGA