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Bookmark and Share My Golf Tips - Bunker Play

For many club players the greenside bunker-shot can prove troublesome.

When I am coaching a golfer that doesn’t play sand shots well, one thing is very apparent; they are confused as to the technique required to play the shot.

This article will help to clear up some of the confusion and give you some simple steps that will greatly improve the results you get from the sand.
Step1 - Use the sand iron

It sounds obvious but many players try to use the pitching wedge or even the 9 iron from bunkers. The sand wedge is specifically designed with a curved sole that will help the club slide through the sand.
Step 2 - Aim the club-face at the flag and your body slightly left of the flag.
This will firstly help reduce the chance of the club-head ‘digging’ into the sand and secondly encourage you to follow through correctly.
Step 3 - Position the ball inline with the heel of the left foot.
With the ball in this position the club-head can easily contact the sand 3 to 4 inches behind the ball, which is ideal for this type of shot.
REMEMBER the nick-name for this shot is ‘splash shot’, focus on the sand behind the ball and not trying to contact the ball directly.
Step 4 - Hinge the wrists on the backswing.

By hinging the wrists you will produce greater height on the shots which is important if you are in a deep bunker.
Step 5 - Follow through.

Finish with the club-head behind you and your bodyweight on the left hand side.

Try these simple steps the next time you are in a bunker and I am confident you will notice an improvement in your results.
Good Golfing!

Peter Parks PGA