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Golf Gadgets

ProStance Practice Aid

Last year I was lucky enough to be at the PGA Teaching Conference in Coventry. The two-day conference brought together golf coaches from across Europe and some of the best coaches from around the world were sharing their philosophies with everyone that attended.


One guy that stood out for me was Dr. Paul Hurrion. Paul is an expert in biomechanics and during his presentation he highlighted the fact that many golfers, including some professionals, are not correctly balanced as they swing the club.


Now I have always strongly believed that a good swing starts with good balance as this forms the foundation of the golf swing; so I was immediately interested in how Paul went about improving a player’s balance.


He went on to show us how to use the ProStance practice aid that he developed with the help of PGA Professional Stewart Craig.


This simple but effective training aid is brilliant at helping you understand exactly where your weight needs to be throughout your swing.


The ProStance is now used regularly when I teach and when I am working on improving my own game. In my opinion it is one of the best teaching aids on the market and using one will benefit your game.