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If you only buy six golf books in your life, these are the ones I would recommend.
How to Improve at Golf
by Peter Parks
I wrote this book with junior golfers in mind. It covers all the information needed to get started at golf. Although aimed at juniors my straightforward approach makes this book ideal reference material for players of all ages.
Dave Pelz's Putting Bible
by Dave Pelz
Pelz is a former NASA physicist and this book is his definitive guide to putting. Packed full of information this book will answer every question you ever had about mastering the greens.
Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible
by Dave Pelz
Another masterclass from Dave Pelz, this time he covers the short game. Pelz shows you how to control the distance you hit your wedges. If you want to lower your handicap, shortgame is the key. This book will help you do this.
Putting out of Your Mind
by Dr. Bob Rotella
Whereas Pelz tackles all the technical requirements of a successful putting stroke, Rotella helps you to understand how to think like a winner on the greens. Great book, one of my favourites.
Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect
by Dr. Bob Rotella
Dr. Bob Rotella has worked with some of the world's best players. This book will give you a greater understanding of what makes these players tick.
Extraordinary Golf: The Art of the Possible
by Fred Shoemaker
This book is a 'Must Read' for every golfer. One of the best out there!