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You don't get much in life free, but see what I've got for you below:


Free Golf Screensaver - featuring photographs of the Hever Castle Golf Club courses.



Free Golf Wallpapers - four images to choose from in eight different screen resolutions. Don't worry if you aren't sure which screen resolution you have; we can calculate it for you.



Free Delivery on my Book - you have to pay for the book, though; only £5.99! "How to Improve at Golf" by Peter Parks.


Free Golf Tips - tips to help you improve your play divided into easy to digest chunks, from teeing off to sinking the putt.


Free 6th Lesson when you book 5 - special offer for online customers also includes an additional free 1hr Video Lesson.


Free Peter Parks Golf Newsletter - latest tips, news and special offers.


Free Download - R&A Rules of Golf - 2012-2015 Edition.


Free Download - R&A Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf - 2012-2015 Edition.